Snowden “Most Costly Leaker Ever”?! Puhleez.

Edward Snowden is “the mostly costly leaker of American secrets in the history of the republic,” according to former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden.

Really?!  Really?!  Then what do you call Aldrich Ames, who blew over 20 Western agents, the majority of whom were executed?  What do you call the Los Alamos spies Klaus Fuchs, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, the Rosenbergs, the Cohens, and Ted Hall, who passed atomic secrets to the Soviets in the late 1940s, opening the Pandora’s Box of atomic proliferation?

Hayden and others in the spy-industrial complex have a vested interest in keeping secret the extent to which Americans are being spied upon.  Just this past week, they have done their best to keeping the money flowing.  Because it really is all about money and power.

In my newly published novel, What Happens to Us,, an NSA employee uses his omniscient information to spy on an ex-girlfriend, which I call Edward Snowden’s worst nightmare.  It’s frightening, but also, highly plausible.  Download it for only $3.99.



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