An Onion within an Onion within an Onion

It was interesting to read this article today about Kim Philby.  I’m currently reading The Secret Life of Kim Philby, the biography of him that his Russian wife Rufina wrote.  In Rufina’s eyes, he was a celebrity who was forgiven by the British establishment for being a Soviet spy secreted into the British intelligence apparatus.  In this account, Philby was “pathetic.”

I know why I’m obsessed with spies.  Just as in the performance of magic, the layers of lies and truth are labyrinthine, like an onion within an onion within an onion, a kind of inception of the onion family.  They are endlessly fascinating to peel back.  Sometimes you cry at what you find.  Likewise with this story, which changes color and hue as it twists this way and that in the wind.


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