A Simple Little Thing

Last August, I performed magic on the street in Monterey for a couple weeks.  I made a few fans, including a young woman named Jessica, who said she was stunned and even mesmerized by my magic.  I like to hear that kind of thing.

“I could have watched your show all day, but my friends pulled me away,” she said in a message on my Facebook fan page.

IMG_4017 smaller

When I returned this week, Jessica brought her daughters, 7-year-old Ashley and 4-year-old Allison, to see what had so mesmerized her.  While I was preparing my show, Ashley came up to my table and smiled, which is one of the things that makes life worth living, children’s smiles.

“I saw you in a video on YouTube,” she said, beaming.

“Oh really?”

“I wanted to see the trick with the red balls.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, but I didn’t bring the red balls with me,” I said.  “But wait for the show.  I think you’ll like the Linking Steel Rings trick.”

I got a crowd right away, and 10 people mushroomed into 70 without me even trying.  I invited Ashley onstage with me, and she glowed.  Jessica took a video of the show (see below).


Afterwards, Jessica and her children put some generous tip money into my hat and left to see the seals at the end of the wharf.  But the best tip of all was Ashley’s smile.


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