8 thoughts on “Catcher in the Eye

  1. I find this story to be really sad, but I have seen it too often in my own classroom. I have had few students whose eyesight was such that they could not align words on a page because one eye is working independent of another. Can you imagine what a multiple choice test would be like? They can discern which response goes to which question on a page. So some questions are not answered and some have three things circled. With help the kids can strengthen their eyes and learn to see correctly. Then I have to deal with cultural problems. In some cultures parents do not want their child tested for anything. All must appear normal.

    What is also sad is that these people that probably told your sister it was all a hoax also are probably against a nationalized health care system. If you didn’t have to worry about the cost of the treatment, you wouldn’t call it a hoax. Sorry. I live in a place where Health Care and treatment are readily available. Here you wouldn’t choose between treatment or putting food on the table.

    And the super sad part…you have a boy who hates to read, hates to learn, because everything associated with it means pain and frustration.

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