What He Couldn’t Talk About

As a child, I asked my father about the war.  He never talked about it.

The other day, I found a letter from my uncle Richard, who fought in the Korean War, too.  He was wounded later in the war, and transferred to a hospital.  That wound was his ticket out.  Here’s what he said about that.


After spending years living with my father, who was the strong and silent type, I learned that what you don’t say can be just as eloquent as what you say, if you’re willing to listen.


4 thoughts on “What He Couldn’t Talk About

  1. I really like your work. It is of a writer and easy to follow. I loved the story of the rabbit. It had a little bit of a O’Henry twist. You thought the worse and got lead down the wrong path. Keep writing. I too wrote my book, called , the Record Killer, it is about a serial killer who is not a serial killer but wants revenge and hides it in a serial killer manner. I would be honored to send you a chapter if you wish to want to give it a once over. Maybe you could do magic with it but please do not feed it to the rabbit. Sincerely, Barry

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