Milo Likes Melted Cheese

When I started in magic 20 years ago, I used to perform at a lot of kids’ birthday parties.  I’ve always brought a bunny, because nothing is cuter than a bunny, unless it’s a kid petting a bunny.  These days I perform mostly for adults, but I enjoy it when the stray kids’ gig comes along.

Recently, I was hired to perform at a kids’ party at a little park in Santa Monica, and was surprised when a celebrity was among the eight adults watching the show.  Hey, it’s Santa Monica.  Nobody notices.

For the grand finale of my show, I magically made my bunny Quesadilla appear.  Immediately, all the kids rushed up and started petting him.  But after 30 minutes, there was only one child left petting him–3-year-old Milo.  This gentle soul absolutely fell in love with Quesadilla.

Image“Why do you call him Quesadilla?” Milo asked.

“Because he’s filled with nothing but melted cheese,” I said with a straight face.

Milo gave me a strange look, imagining what I’d just described, but just kept petting him.

“I like melted cheese,” he said softly.

Soon, I was invited over to the picnic table to have lunch with the celebrity and the other parents.  I surrendered Quesadilla to Milo while I partook of the fabulous catered food, because did I mention that celebrity parties always have fabulous food?  It was a very small park, and I’m sure very few people noticed the presence of a celebrity because it was basically just our party in the park and the occasional walker passing by, and it’s not cool in that area to point and yell, “Look who’s here!  Ahhhhhhh!”  We were chatting about things, just things, me trying to act normal and casual in spite of the presence of someone who has been the focus of television love for years, when at a certain point, Milo ran over to our table.  He had the alarmed sense of someone reporting a dire emergency.

“Your bunny is…your bunny is…your bunny is….” he said with urgency, trying to find the words, and I set my sandwich down on my paper plate, wondering if maybe Quesadilla had bitten somebody, or drawn blood, or jumped off the table, or some other horrific tragedy.  But then Milo concluded simply: “…adorable.”


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