What Dog Hath Wrought


The woman who texted this to me had just found me on Facebook.  In high school, we had worked on the newspaper together.  In the years since, she had become very religious.

This text is a testament to how different readers read a novel differently.  When I was writing the novel, I never thought of Dante as “a dog,” but in all ways a nice guy.  However, he does fall in love with the protagonist and then not act on it.  While he’s living with her in exile, he ends up getting a girlfriend and spending nights at her place.  He’s unfaithful to a woman he’s not involved with.  He’s sleeping with another woman whom he’s not married to.  Does that make him a dog?


To download this novel, What Happens to Us, click here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DSSN5SU


4 thoughts on “What Dog Hath Wrought

  1. I, like your friend, became “religious” as an adult. But that’s not the way I’d describe what happened, just what others would say of it. Your Dante– sounds interesting. No one is perfect, and perfect is awfully boring anyway, but is he a dog? I’d ask the characters to whom he’s unfaithful and/or unloving. How do they see him? Any man who is unfaithful lacks integrity.

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