A Child’s Dream

Last weekend, I did a stage show.  As usual, I started off with my butterfly trick, in which two butterflies magically appear flying around me, and for a finale, they multiply into a couple hundred.  In the end, they all float to the floor and the audience discovers they’ve transformed into paper butterflies.

Later in the show, I noticed that 5-year-old Ethan had one of the red butterflies in his hand.

“These butterflies are magical,” I told told him and the audience.  “If you put a butterfly under your pillow tonight, in the morning, there’ll be a one-dollar bill.”

I winked at his Dad and the audience got a good laugh out of it.

My biggest surprise came after the show, when Ethan was saying goodbye to me.  In his hands, I noticed, were 40 or 50 paper butterflies.  His smile was wider than the Mississippi as he said: “I’m rich!”

Stage show DVD cover v13c smaller


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