Magic at Terranea Resort, Summer, 2019

Starting on Memorial Day, 2019 (May 24 and 25), magic will once again be a featured act at the fabulous 5-star resort Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes.  David Groves, who has been a full-time professional magician in Southern California for over 20 years, will provide the sleight of hand.

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Groves will start out with a show at the Cielo After Dark pool party at 8 pm.  The Cielo Pool sits right on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean, with a fabulous nighttime view spanning 180 degrees and the hills of Rancho Palos Verdes looming behind it.  Admission price to the magic show is $20, after which guests are welcome to stay at the party and enjoy the DJ, who plays dance music while guests drink exotic cocktails and enjoy themselves under the stars.

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Last year, Groves entertained guests at three of the Terranea restaurants.

Dinner is available at a separate price at any of the 12 restaurants on the Terranea property.  Valet parking.


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