Finding My Way Through the Darkness by the Light of My Own Smile

Looking back over the past year, 2013, I learned one thing better than all others.

I had this client who was taking up all the oxygen in the room.  Clients like that are poison.  They think they’re the only thing that matters.  They use heart arguments as misdirection for selfish ends.  They are the epitome of dysfunction.

So after 18 months, I dropped them.  In the absence of that money, I scrounged around and despaired.  I knew that I had to sell better, but it didn’t seem to be working.  I kept working at it, and then, to my horror, I started accepting that it wouldn’t work.  But that’s not who I am when we get right down to it, and trust me, we were right down to it, so I talked to myself.

Neurology face 1a

It’s about the numbers.

It’s about your river finding a new route to the sea.

How do you get past your obstacles?

Think about it day and night.

Immerse yourself in it.

Use your talent for obsession.

Think strategically.

Use every weapon you know how.

Sticks and stones and dirt thrown in the face.

Do it.

I did just that, and one day, I chatted with someone on Facebook.  I had been following him because he carried obsession like a spear.

How do you get through the gatekeepers? I asked.

IMG_0646b smaller

You ask them.

Just call them and ask them?


And they let you through?

Yes, they do.

He didn’t want to spend a lot of time explaining it to me, and soon, he was offline.  Part of me thought he was a fraud.  I had gone over this ground so many times.  But that day, I tried the unthinkable and, to my astonishment, she let me in.  I tried another, and he let me in.  It was stunning.  I didn’t make any sales that day, but I found my route to the sea.

That night, I knew it was my route to lots of sales, so I laid in bed smiling, knowing what I had done.  I woke up the next morning smiling, because really, when you get right down to it, and I had gotten right down to it, I had found my way through by the light of my own smile.

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