Shooting Holes in Reality

Last night while performing magic, I made a fan.  His name was Manny and he was 13 years old.  He hung around for quite a while watching me perform, his mind being blown time and time again.

Manny especially liked the card tricks.  He had never seen that level of cardistry.  He’d seen his uncle do little tricks with a deck of cards.

“But he always makes a mistake the first time,” Manny said.  “Plus, they’re kinda stupid.  But you never make a mistake.”

Later, as I was leaving for the evening, I saw Manny.  He walked up to me with his arms starting to open, as if he wanted to give me a hug.  But I’m wary of giving kids hugs, so I held out my fist and converted it into a fist bump.  I walked out the front door, but then realized that I had left something behind, so I went back inside.  That’s when I saw Manny again.  This time, he held his arms wide.

“Here, give me a hug,” he said.

So I gave him a hug.  It’s wrong to deny a kid a hug.